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Executive Director Ellen O’Connor

Our work continues through the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Dave’s House, we envision a world in which homeless individuals with serious mental illness (SMI) and co-occurring disabilities have permanent supportive housing – and hope.

These are people in our community who, because of serious mental illness, find themselves in a place in which they cannot thrive, but are merely surviving. A stable home is the catalyst many of them need to get on, and stay on, the road to mental wellness.

It’s amazing what our residents are achieving. They are breaking the cycle of homelessness, incarceration and hospitalization, and moving forward with their lives.

With that most basic foundation of a home, and ongoing support, they are seizing opportunity, and creating new realities they once only dreamed of. Every day, they are actively pursuing goals. They are working to improve their lives, and are committed to paying it forward, helping others in the community.

They are over 100 incredible individuals who are going for it. A college degree. A full-time job. Volunteering at food banks and crisis centers. Mentoring others with serious mental illness. Establishing relationships. Realizing their potential, and achieving.

In their ongoing battle, they are victorious.

This is the determination and resilience our programs sustain, made possible by the caring and support of our Central Florida community.

That support changes lives. For that, we thank you.

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