Wired for Ongoing Recovery

Our Central Florida Dave’s House residents will soon have their own laptops, connecting them to professional and social enrichment tools. Our six homes in the area will have wi-fi, a shared printer and contracted on-demand tech support as well. At each home, a volunteer resident Tech Coach will help their housemates.

This Wired for Success project is powered by the generous support of the Universal Orlando Foundation and AdventHealth.

These laptops will give our residents the ability to learn, connect with family and friends and improve their professional skills. The majority of them do not have computers because of the cost being beyond their means.

This project is part of our Dave’s House 360° Resident Development Programs that provide quality, ongoing services to our residents so that they can live their best lives in recovery. These free programs focus on the personal and professional betterment and life-long wellness of residents. Programs are developed through partnerships with qualified community providers.

Resident Development Programs provide meaningful growth opportunities for residents with an emphasis on skills development, social interaction, collaboration on group projects, goal setting and increased self-confidence. They include day programs, volunteering and interactive workshops in the areas of whole wellness, culinary skills, gardening, career and professional development, and community involvement.