Wells Fargo Partners with Dave’s House to Open Veteran’s Home

Wells Fargo has long understood that they “can be no stronger, nor more successful, than the neighborhoods and communities where they do business.” They also recognize it is important to every person to have a place they call their permanent home. Dave’s House is grateful to be in partnership with Wells Fargo to provide a home to a veteran who has given so much through their service, protecting our country and community.

During the Commission’s Veteran Surge Training in July we heard stories from Calvary men and Marines about being without a place of their own, sometimes sleeping on a bench during the day because it was safer than sleeping on the streets or in the woods at night. They shared stories of how they try to cope with the irregular treatment of their mental illness and other disabilities.

Thanks to Wells Fargos’ dedication to fostering relationships with key stakeholders, Dave’s House will receive a property to provide a permanent supportive home for a local veteran. Acquiring the residence is only a part of the need to make this a home. Once a home and veteran are matched, we will be seeking help with renovations, furnishings, bedding, kitchen supplies and more. Please contact Tim May at Tim@daveshouse.org if you are interested in supporting this project.