Want More Donna?

Our seminar attendees wanted to know more about Donna Orender’s Generation W®, the group’s upcoming conference and her new book.

Generation W’s goal is to provide a platform to elevate the voice of women and help promote the change they want to see in the world. The nonprofit brings women together with the purpose to educate, inspire and connect.

Generation W 2018 Rise & Shine is on Friday, April 13 at the University of North Florida. At the all-day event, business and community leaders and experts from around the country will gather for an insightful day that will challenge our thinking, inspire our spirits and connect our worlds.

Speakers will discuss a broad array of trends and topics including the impact of immigration, building your best professional and personal networks, issues of social impact, the importance of storytelling and more. 


Donna’s book, WOWsdom! The Girl's Guide to the Positive and the Possible, will be out in hardcover on May 1, 2018. Its goal is to create a world where the leaders of today help shape and inspire the leaders of tomorrow. In their letters to themselves, women, men and girls from all walks of life share their wisdom for girls who are seeking guidance and inspiration as they begin their personal and professional journeys.

Buy it at smile.amazon.com, with Dave’s House selected as your charitable organization, to also support our programs.