Profile: Resident Seth, Helping Others at Primrose Center

Seth, one of our Central Florida residents, has worked at Primrose Center, Inc. in Orlando since September 2019, helping transform the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He is looking forward to getting back to work with Primrose after the shelter-in-place is lifted, adhering to all ongoing safety protocols.

At Primrose, four times a week, Seth helps adults at the center with arts and crafts, guiding their movement and helping them to complete enrichment activities. He loves helping individuals try new things and hearing how happy they are in their voices.

At a young age, Seth was diagnosed with his own mental disabilities and does not want to label or box individuals into a disability. Eleven years sober from drug and alcohol addiction, he enjoys living each day with purpose. Seth loves helping others and would like to continue working with those with disabilities at Primrose Center, perhaps even full time.

He is also currently, working on his biography with life coach and Chair of Dave’s House Board of Director’s Adam Schwartz.

Here’s his news from sheltering-in-place:

“Everything is wonderful. Because of the coronavirus, I am not working at Primrose Center, for the absolute protection of myself and staff at the center. I’ve had so very much free time to get a ton of R&R. I am content and accept this time off. I’ve been eating a lot of Chinese food, watching TV and most importantly have been taking long naps. My sister who is a M.D. in Buffalo, New York has been in touch with me. I did a FaceTime chat with her and my two young nephews, ages six and one. Those kids are beautiful and amazing and I have so much gratitude for them being in my life!”

We are so proud of Seth, his resilience, his accomplishments and his commitment to helping others!