Our housing models

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Scattered Site Single Family Home: This model keeps individuals off the streets – creating a single family home residence for typically four individuals who are graduating from transitional care or are on the verge of homelessness, saving them from falling back into the cycle of instability. For our residents, it is a mortgage-free home with supportive services that are provided through a partnership with Aspire Health Partners. 

Dave’s Housing First: This model which takes individuals off the streets – providing apartment homes for those with SMI alongside co-occurring disabilities, requiring a much greater intensity of services. Residents of these homes will receive services and support through a partnership with Pathway Homes.

Our community impact

  • 90% of residents have remained in stable permanent housing.
  • Less than 25% of residents require psychiatric hospitalization [the national average for people with SMI is 40-60 percent].
  • Residents participate daily in a productive activity. Their overall health, well-being and sense of hope for the future are greatly improved.