Help us give 12 veterans homes for the holidays

Veteran’s Day is a day to remember and be thankful for the sacrifices made by people who have protected our country. It’s also a day to note the difficulties some people have in reassimilating into civilian life after serving in the armed forces. Approximately 40% of homeless veterans suffer from mental illnesses, often keeping them on the streets for years – and sometimes decades.

We are launching the Dave's Housing First Veterans Project that will begin by assisting 12 of the neediest chronically homeless veterans. This model provides permanent supportive homes for those with serious mental illness alongside co-occurring disabilities.

Key to the success of this model is ongoing mental healthcare support. Such services are provided to Dave’s House residents by our partner provider, Pathway Homes. Case managers work with residents on accessing their health status, improving life skills, training, medication management and other assistance areas.


Please help us establish homes for these homeless veterans before 2015 ends.

With your support, we can help them back to the path of living well, giving them a sense of dignity and a renewed purpose.

Every dollar helps. Please donate now.

We will keep you up-to-date on our progress in the weeks ahead. Thank you for your support!


The Immediate Needs | New Homes for the Holidays 2015 | $25,000

Our year-end efforts are focused upon launching two projects:

  • Dave’s Housing First: offset the $15,000 startup funding gap to provide housing for 12 chronically homeless veterans.
  • A new Dave’s House affordable permanent supportive housing home is scheduled for closing mid-December (support services to be provided by Aspire Health Partners). This will provide four individuals, who are graduating from a transitional housing care program, a permanent home in which to stay well. It costs approximately $10,000 annually to house a resident. Our year-end fund goal of $10,000 will cover the costs for the four new residents for the first quarter of 2016.

Funding supports:

  • housing acquisition, coordination of wrap-around support services, renovations, and move-in
  • service provider infrastructure including equipment, utilities and supplies
  • starter supplies and groceries


Community Call-To-Action:

Dave’s House needs donations of furniture, in new or like-new condition. For the new mental health services Pathway Homes case worker who will be working with the 12 veteran Dave’s Housing First residents: a small and large conference table, office chairs and a refrigerator. For residents: male toiletries, bedroom furniture including: bed frames and mattresses, end tables and dressers. To donate items, or find out more, please contact Marilin Gutierrez,, 407.300.7081.