Four New Dave’s House Projects Opening in 2016

It’s an exciting time at Dave’s House, as the organization continues its efforts to end homelessness for Central Floridians with serious mental illness through four new projects: Two Dave’s House homes, one Dave’s House home for veterans and 12 apartments for veterans. “With the support of generous partners like the Orange County Commission, Aspire Health Partners and Pathway Homes, Dave’s House is spearheading the local effort to solve this crisis and are helping people manage their lives, and succeed,” says Eric Welch, Dave’s House vice president.

The two Dave’s House homes will operate using a Traditional Home Model, which keeps individuals from living on the streets – creating a single-family home residence for four individuals. Funding for these two new homes and services comes from a $500,000 grant from the Orange County Commission; mental health services will be provided through a partnership with Aspire Health Partners. 

An in-kind contribution from Wells Fargo will fund the Dave’s House residence for veterans. The single-family Dave’s House home will also follow a Traditional Home Model creating housing for four individuals, whereas the 12 apartments follow a Housing First Model – housing individuals directly off the streets by providing apartment homes for those with severe mental illness alongside co-occurring disabilities, requiring a much greater intensity of services. Residents of these homes will receive services and support through a partnership with Pathway Homes.

Today up to 45 percent of Florida’s homeless are suffering from mental illness. Community champions like Mayors Jacobs and Dyer, who are leading the charge against homelessness and the stigma of severe mental illnesses, continue to engage other community players on behalf of Dave’s House to keep the needs of those with mental illness at the forefront of local discussions. “Providing permanent supportive housing to just one individual reduces the annual costs of community services by 68 percent and provides a lifetime of wellness,” said Lin Wilensky, co-founder. For only $25 per day, each Dave’s House resident is given the opportunity to lead a meaningful life in a stable home that provides lasting recovery.