Dave’s House 360° Resident Development Programs

We’ve kicked off our Dave’s House 360° Resident Development Programs. For the execution of these programs, we are working with community partners, other non-profits and behavioral health care providers to enhance resident services. These free programs focus on the personal and professional betterment and life-long wellness of residents. Programs are developed through partnerships with qualified community providers.

Resident Development Programs provide meaningful growth opportunities for residents with an emphasis on skills development, social interaction, collaboration on group projects, goal setting and increased self-confidence. They include day programs, volunteering and interactive workshops in the areas of:

Whole Wellness: Providing education and resources for preventive health practices, personal finance, fitness, stress/anxiety reduction techniques, yoga, dance, environment optimization, organization, technology and other daily life skills.

Culinary: Proper nutrition, food prep, therapeutic cooking, culinary therapy through curriculum-based lessons and in-kitchen demonstrations.

Gardens: Providing education and resources for gardening at community gardens and at home as well as gardening therapy.

Careers: Providing job-sharing and other employment opportunities alongside professional development education.

Community: Emphasizing volunteerism and community activism to enhance social skills and increase sense of self.

We’ll keep you informed on developments through these programs to help our residents in their daily lives.