Dave’s House 360° Careers

Dave's House Resident Michelle is using her computer skills; Aspire Health's Resident Gregory is enjoying working at Edible Education Experience.

We are working with David Kerst, Aspire Health's job placement manager at Kate's Place Clubhouse, on our Dave’s House 360° Resident Development Careers program, to locate job opportunities and best matches for our residents.

Our residents have told us that the opportunity to work provides dignity, self-confidence and the hope for greater independence. We are building a resource bank of community partners and local businesses that may offer supportive work experiences for our residents.

Residents are putting their skills to work at the Clubhouse. Michelle helps with the “Daily Brief,” a daily newsletter written by Dave’s House and Aspire Health residents, which is full of activities, tips, news and current happenings at the Clubhouse. She also leads the “Current Events” section and keeps track of daily attendance for Kate’s Place Clubhouse staff in Excel.

She holds a degree in computer science from Everest University and would like to find a part-time job that uses her skills. She would like a cashier or administrative assistant job that she can reach via a public bus route from her Dave’s House home.

Dave’s House Resident Jose is pursuing the video production field. He saved up his money and bought the equipment he needed. He is now honing his abilities and expanding his editing skills.

Both Michelle and Jose are outgoing and natural storytellers; these positions give them the opportunity to improve their skills, add to their portfolio, deliver information to the resident audiences and share the stories of others.

Aspire Health's resident Gregory is working as the House Assistant at Edible Education Experience. He will job share this full-time position with a Dave's House resident. Their duties include providing event setup, tear down and general maintenance of the EEE facility. The Clubhouse provided Gregory a bicycle; he bikes the four miles to work. According to Janice Banks, President/CEO, Edible Education Experience, "He seems to enjoy the work, and we appreciate him very much already."

We are developing our Dave’s House 360° Gardens and Culinary programs with Edible Education Experience and other partners.