Dare More, Fear Less

“We do not change the world when we whisper. We change it when we roar.”

Donna Orender energized the audience with a spirited call to embrace possibility through a “Why Not?” mindset at our 2018 Insights That Inspire Leadership Seminar on March 16.

It’s deceptively simple to start on that path to your next goal – it’s having the courage to ask the questions that clear your path. “Adding the negative to ‘why’ is so liberating,” Donna said. “The simple question of ‘Why not?’ forces people to re-examine business strategy, and often determine that what they thought was unachievable is actually in their reach.”

When preparing to tackle that next goal, keep in mind that “perfect is the enemy of Go!” In any new undertaking, what’s most important is to be timely, thoughtful and disciplined. Waiting until every step is clear will delay – or derail – you. She recalled a peer advising her, “If you want to drive between Jacksonville and Los Angeles, and you want all the traffic lights to be green first, you’ll never get there.”

How to go for it? First, gather the believers from your network of co-workers and peers to work for that common goal. A lot of people just need the focus of a leader to say, “This is where we are going next” or “This is what we are going to create.” With that team of committed believers, you will have the experience and expertise to reach your goal.

Donna emphasized that connecting with your colleagues and community peers is the most important skill you can develop. Your willingness to ask for help, and to offer help, keeps you connected, and drives your goals.

By not choosing fear of the unknown, you can be bold and courageous, and remain open to the positive and the possible. Persistence, with the driving force of thinking “No matter what, I will get there,” propels you to action. Then you can ask “What’s next?”

We thank Donna for giving us great insights into daring to achieve, and making this an incredibly thought-provoking leadership seminar.