Community Partners Helping Our Residents

Over the past several weeks, several incredible groups and people donated masks to help our residents and Aspire Health frontline workers.

Dannie Holler-Hubp, AdventHealth community partnerships manager, made a special delivery of cloth masks to the Clubhouse. Carolyn Kreuzpaintner, supervisor for Kate’s Place Clubhouse and Dave’s House homes, met her at her car to collect the masks.

Carolyn and Shelly at Aspire Health recently hand-made masks for the Clubhouse members. They repurposed shirts out of the Clubhouse Clothes Closet. They pulled elastic out of pajamas and bathing suits, due to the elastic being sold out. Great innovation!

Board Member Nancy Wheeler donated medical masks. Board Member Dr. DeShawn Chapman’s family helped out as well. Her niece, Brandi, and sister, Michelle, donated handmade masks. And Dave’s House’s Robin Longley delivered them to the Clubhouse.

We so appreciate all the efforts to help keep our providers and residents safe!