Clarcona Home Kitchen Redesign Complete

The kitchen remodel project at the first Dave’s House home in Central Florida is complete! The home’s residents are enjoying the redesigned space. "Now there's a smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies in the air ... yum yum!" said Resident Scott.

Thanks to Board Member Adam Eckelbarger, CEO with Mader Southeast Construction, for donating the construction materials and manpower for this project; Ted Sivard, general superintendent, for managing the project logistics; and Tim Bernardi, safety director.

“Transforming a kitchen revitalizes one of the most-used living spaces in a home. Everyone at Mader is proud to be a part of improving the function, design and aesthetics of this Dave’s House home kitchen,” said Eckelbarger. “Volunteer projects like this allow Mader to give back to the Central Florida community.”

Dave’s House volunteer Nancy Wheeler coordinated appliance donations through Home Depot.

Wyndham Destinations also donated appliances. We are so grateful to Board Member Elena Norman, vice president, corporate communications, Wyndham Destinations, and Chris Hall, chief engineer-multi-site, Wyndham Destinations, for making these donations possible.

“We so appreciate the support of community partners in ensuring our Dave’s House homes are well-maintained and provide modern features for our residents’ daily life. This project gives the home’s residents a revitalized kitchen for meal prep and socializing,” said Ellen O’Connor, Dave’s House Director.