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Right now, men and women who suffer from serious mental illness (SMI) are sleeping on the streets in Orlando. They are eating their meals from garbage cans. Their minds are trapped in the throes of schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder.
Dave’s House is committed to changing these people’s lives, right now.
We have within our reach the ability to provide permanent supportive housing for 100 individuals.
That’s 100 men and women who will no longer be forgotten, uncared for – merely surviving the best they can, day to day.
This giving season, our focus is upon these, the Dave’s House 100.
Our goal is to house these 100 individuals in the next six months.
Through Dave’s Housing First, we can help them on their road to recovery.
It costs $3,000 to move them into their Dave’s Housing First permanent supportive housing, provide them with basic essentials and support them annually.
Once established in permanent supportive housing, they receive ongoing mental health and wellness support services. Their personal case manager works with them on life skills training, medication management and other assistance areas.
Please help us house these Dave’s House 100, adding them to the already 69 individuals we are helping through permanent supportive housing.

You help a resident take the bus to supportive services.

You help us open a Dave’s Housing First apartment, furnished with life’s basic necessities.

You ensure one resident has the medication they need to conquer SMI.

You help maintain our homes so our residents live in a safe and secure environment.

With your help, we can end the housing crisis for people with serious mental illness.