Our Spring Initiatives – How You Can Help

Your support has helped create over $3.2 million in housing and service support for Dave’s House residents.

Help us Hit 101 This Summer – our financial goal is $101,000 by the end of August.

Our “people” goal is 31 people placed in Dave’s House homes by the end of August!

You have contributed to helping over 70 residents continue their journey to hope and health through permanent supportive housing. Our 10th Single Family Home is underway! Its four residents will be able to pursue living in recovery, with the security of having a home of their own. The new home’s purchase price has been secured through a private donation.

You can help! Your financial support and in-kind donations help our residents set up home. In 2016, supporters supplied over $74,000 in in-kind donations, supplying everything from mattresses to kitchen and bath essentials for new residents.

Our immediate needs for our 10th Single Family Home: $12,000 to fund move-in expenses for these new residents, which includes everything they need to get them on the path to ongoing mental wellness as well as $8,000 to complete the funding for a part-time Case Manager.

We are also at work to establish homes for our next Dave’s Housing First residents. Currently, we have 27 individuals on our waiting list for this program. They are resolved to improve their lives – with your help, they will be able to! Through collective efforts of homelessness advocate groups, the number of homeless individuals has been reduced by 300 individuals. But there are still almost 1,500 to go, many with mental illness.

Our financial goal for housing these 27 residents is the move-in costs of $3,000 each – $81,000.

Your financial support makes such an incredible difference in the lives of our residents.

Every dollar helps – a monthly gift of $15, a business sponsorship or an annual donation. We thank you for your help in letting these new additions to the Dave’s House resident family how important they are.