How Is the Weather in Your Kingdom?
Friday | February 22, 2019

8:00-10:00 am
Registration | 7:30 am
Rosen Centre | 9840 International Dr | Orlando, FL 32819
Tickets $75 Individual 
Sponsorships available.

We love hosting this annual educational seminar because it’s a way to share information from incredible thought leaders that helps our supporters improve themselves, while supporting our efforts.

Improve yourself. Improve your team. Improve your organization. Make magic!

Proceeds benefit Dave’s House programs to end homelessness for individuals with serious mental illness and co-occurring disabilities.

At our 2019 Leadership Seminar, learn from Dan Cockerell how to lead a purpose-driven culture, establishing an environment where your employees can thrive. He’s an inspiring storyteller, combining practical management techniques and engaging real life examples drawn from his 26 year career at the Walt Disney Company.

Join us for compelling insight on propelling you and your team to greatness. Dan will share his proven strategies for helping employees feel confident, respected, trusted and valued while delivering stellar results for your business.

Great leaders understand the importance of creating and sustaining great culture in order to establish an environment where employees can thrive. In this keynote address, Dan will show how, much like the weather, culture influences our mood and ultimately our behavior.

Dan Cockerell has a passion for developing people through coaching, inspirational and insightful speeches. He has held various management and executive operations roles at the Walt Disney World Resort, both in the theme parks and resort hotels, and was the sixth executive to hold the position of Vice President, Magic Kingdom since the park opened in 1971. He has been a keynote speaker for the Disney Institute for 18 years. He focuses on leadership and management practices, drawing upon his career with pertinent examples and inspiring storytelling. Learn more about Dan’s leadership philosophy here.