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Our Community, Changing Lives

The people Dave’s House serves live with serious mental illness (SMI) and co-occurring disabilities. As a result of a health crisis, they have found themselves in a place with no housing, mental health care or financial support systems.

Once established in permanent supportive housing, residents receive ongoing mental health and wellness support services. Their personal case manager works with them on life skills training, medication management and other assistance areas.

A stable home is the foundation they need to get on, and stay on, the road to wellness. Our residents are breaking the cycle of homelessness, incarceration and hospitalization, so that they may focus upon improving themselves, contributing to their communities, managing life obstacles and realizing their potential.

As a Community Partner, you are a catalyst in providing our residents purpose and motivation, free of stigma, despair and isolation. Our 2018 initiatives include:

  • 10th Scattered Site Single Family Home
  • Accessibility and move-in support to Multiple Dave’s Housing First Apartment Homes
  • Impact Families: housing stability and self-sustainability
  • Barrier Busting Program: collective resources to sustain housing
  • Emerging Minds: system-level ch2018 Community Partnership Benefits

Help our current and future residents succeed! Dave’s House will showcase your company as a Community Partner throughout 2018 in our communications with supporters, the community, the media and at our events. Thank you for believing in Dave’s House.


Community Partnership Kit

Mary Lee Walker | Interim Executive Director | 407.460.5292 | marylee@daveshouse.org



2018 Community Partners

SchenkelSchultz | Wyndham Vacation Ownership
Major Program Supporters | Duke Energy | Tupperware Brands | Wells Fargo