Dave’s House creates nurturing environments where people can experience the warmth of hearth, home and friendship. It was founded in 2009 by Lin and Ron Wilensky, to help others in the world like Lin’s brother, Dave, who had schizophrenia.

To date, we have developed nine Dave’s House homes in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Fairfax, Virginia, providing permanent supportive housing for 86 individuals who now are living productive, happy lives in an atmosphere of mental wellness.

Dave’s House provides the permanent supportive housing for people to manage life obstacles, and succeed. Permanent supportive housing is an innovative and proven solution that combines affordable housing with services that help people who face the most complex challenges to live with stability, autonomy and dignity. Working with partners at the local, state and federal levels, we develop homes based upon best practice models that effectively serve at-risk and homeless individuals with serious mental illness [SMI]. Dave’s House develops homes, which are then operated with support services by one of our behavioral healthcare partners.

Dave’s House utilizes two permanent supportive housing models, dependent upon the specific needs of each resident:

  • Scattered Site Single Family Home: This Traditional Home Model keeps individuals from the streets – creating a single family home residence for typically four individuals who are graduating from transitional care or are on the verge of homelessness and back into the cycle of instability.
  • Dave’s Housing FirstThis Housing First Model takes individuals off the streets – providing apartment homes for those with SMI alongside co-occurring disabilities. These individuals require a much greater intensity of services.

Often, residents form a modern family, developing friendships that generally elude people with SMI, who often live in isolation because of their illness. They look out for one another, share housekeeping responsibilities and socialize together. Key to the success of both models is ongoing mental health support services. Case managers work with residents on life skills, training, medication management and other assistance areas. Our partners, including Pathway Homes, Aspire Health Partners, Henderson Behavioral Health and Hope South Florida, serve our residents.

Our priority is the lasting wellness and the holistic health and well-being of our residents.



Mission | To transform lives and give hope to people with serious mental illness through creating stable homes that provide lasting recovery.

Vision | To end the housing crisis for people with serious mental illness.